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In the reign of Edward the Confessor a man of Alwold of Stevington had held this land which in 1086 Herbert held of the bishop, and which Wimund held of Herbert, one of the few isolated examples in the Survey of this county of an under-tenant having an under-tenant himself. This property reappears in 1278–9 when the heirs of John le Reve or Rowe held 4 virgates of land (the 1 hide of the Domesday Survey) in Turvey. The heirs alluded to in the Hundred Rolls were his daughters Agnes, Alice and Joanna, who held land in Turvey in 1284–6. In 1320–1 Agnes, who was the wife of William Halibred, appears to have acquired her sister's portions, which together amounted to two messuages and 10 acres of land only. In 1340 William Halibred alienated this land to John son of Robert le Hilier, who died in 1347, leaving a son John, aged two years. This son appears to have died in infancy, for in 1362 the heir to this property was declared to be Margery daughter of John son of Robert le Hilier. It had diminished by this time to a messuage, 8 acres of arable land, 1 acre of pasture, ½ acre of meadow and ½ acre of wood, and no further trace has been found of its descent.
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