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Ernulf de Ardres was tenant of Count Eustace at Domesday, and the manor passed subsequently to Robert de Ardres, who, as stated under Mordaunts Manor, married Sarah de Alneto some time prior to 1221. His estate in Turvey henceforth becomes merged in that moiety which he received of Turvey Manor as his wife's dower, and which he held conjointly with Eustace Mordaunt. Before 1254–5 Robert de Ardres had been succeeded by Richard, probably his son, who in that year received quitclaim from Simon Borchard for certain free tenements in Turvey. Hugh de Ardres held a share of Turvey Manor in 1302, and the next owner of whom mention has been found is John de Ardres, who died in 1361 seised of a messuage, 200 acres of land and 5 of meadow in Turvey. In 1365–7 Isolda, his widow, was allotted her dower in Turvey Manor, which was to include all rooms on the east side of the hall, with one-third of the kitchens, the lesser grange next to the room which was called 'le Kinghouse chambre,' one sheep-cote, one pigsty, together with free entrance and egress in the chapel and dovecote of the manor. Thomas de Ardres, her son, who was under age at this date, at a much later date (given by Halstead as 1422) transferred his property in Turvey to Robert Mordaunt. This alienation certainly took place before 1440, for in a charter of that date, now in the possession of Mr. Page Turner, Robert Mordaunt granted £8 from his manors of Mordaunts and Ardres to John Hampden of Kimble. Its history is henceforth to be found under the former manor.
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