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TWYFORD lay partly within the manor of Hinton Pipard. Frequent mentions of holdings there occur in the Court Rolls of that manor. In 1551 there was a croft called Tybyn Hatch in the common field of Twyford, which occurs frequently in subsequent rolls. The messuage 'Signe of the Bull' is mentioned in 1587, with 3 acres of arable land in the common fields and half an acre in Hinton. In 1680 the 'Rose and Crown' is mentioned and in 1709 the 'Bell.' Another part of Twyford was owned by the abbey of Abingdon, which at the Dissolution had besides the manor of Hurst (then granted out at farm) also rents from free and customary tenants in Twyford and Hurst, amounting to £17 12s. 9d. In the surrender by the abbey to the king Twyford is mentioned as a separate manor, but, as there seem to be no further records of it, it was probably afterwards included in the manor of Hurst alias Whistley. In the 16th century there was a so-called manor of Twyford, held in 1534 by Sir John Norreys. This may have been earlier part of the Montfort property, for in the settlement made of Odes on Sir Peter and Richard de Montfort in 1363 a watermill at Twyford was included. The manor is found in the Norreys family as late as 1601. Twyford Mill was in the possession of William Hide at his death in 1624, as was also Woodes Place in Hurst, which was part, perhaps, of the Odes estate owned earlier by the Norreys family.
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