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The manor of UFTON ROBERT, at the date of the Survey, formed part of the vast possessions of William Fitz Ansculf. His lands passed to Fulk Paynell. By the marriage of Hawise Paynell to John de Somery the overlordship passed into that family. John de Somery, the last male heir, died in 1322, leaving two daughters as coheirs, one of whom, Margaret, the wife of John de Sutton, held the overlordship in 1323. John son of John de Sutton conveyed his knights' fees here and elsewhere in 1340 to Nicholas de la Beche. Sir Thomas Langford succeeded him in the overlordship, the manor being held as of the manor of Bradfield. In the following century the manor of Ufton Robert was said to be held of Sir Thomas Englefield as of his manor of Tidmarsh, and in 1617 it was similarly returned as held of Peter Vanlore, then lord of the manor of Tidmarsh.
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