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In the early part of the 13th century a family called Blunt owned land in Wilden, whose descent can be traced for more than one hundred years. This land, formerly part of Wilden Manor, was acquired by William Blunt previous to 1313 from Ralph and Thomas Tirell, and was held of the king as of the honour of Peverel by service of 1 lb. of pepper and 1 lb. of cummin yearly. William Blunt appears to have acquired originally without licence, for which omission it was taken into the king's hands. In 1315 his son John Blunt paid a fine to the Crown, and the property, extended at 1 virgate 18 acres of land, 4 acres of meadow and 15d. rent, was accordingly restored to him. In 1360 one Richard Blunt, whose relationship to the above John has not been established, granted this property in trust to Richard Chamberlain. Blunt died in 1377, at which time the messuage and land were worth 9s. 4d. (fn. 52) He left a natural son William White and a married daughter Agnes Morice, whose maiden name was also White. The consequent irregularity in the succession led to further inquisitions regarding Richard Blunt's property. Agnes Morice was declared to be the rightful heir in 1389–90, and again in 1391, to the exclusion of William White. A partition was arranged, however, for on the death of William White in 1401 he held two crofts and land in Wilden worth 4s. yearly, to which his son Thomas White succeeded. Agnes Morice died in 1417, when her share passed to her son John Morice. Thomas White died in the same year, and, as his nearest kin was his cousin John Morice, the moieties of this property became once more joined in a single ownership, though no further evidence of its descent can be traced.
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