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The second manor of Winterbourne was held in the time of the Confessor by Herman Bishop of Salisbury, and at the time of the Domesday Survey by Osmund, his successor. The bishop was holding the manor in 1166, and in 1202 received a quitclaim of half a knight's fee here from Bernard de Pinefeld and others, and later in the same year a fee of the same extent from Nicholas de Winterbourne, in whom may be recognized Nicholas the son of Turold of Winterbourne who held land here in 1177–8, possibly a relation of Turold of Aston; it seems impossible that they can have been the same person. No further reference has been found to the bishop's connexion with this manor, except that he owed half a mark in 1227 in respect of it, for which he received pardon that year. We find that in 1379–80 Thomas de Oldington and Sir Hugh Segrave, apparently the third son of John Lord Segrave, independently granted their interest in lands at Winterbourne, Chilton and Colrugge to the Bishop of Winchester and others. How Thomas and Hugh acquired an interest in the lands formerly belonging to Nicholas son of Turold does not seem clear.
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