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The third manor was held at the time of the Confessor by Bristec, a free tenant, and in 1086 by Hascoit Musard, who was living as late as 1101–2. He was succeeded in this overlordship by his son Richard Musard, Baron of Staveley, who in turn was followed by his son Hasculf, who died in 1167. Ralph Musard inherited his estates, and married Isabel de Mesnil, widow of John Nevill. Ralph was living in 1200, and certainly as late as 1230, but later in the 13th century the overlordship had passed to his son Robert, who had died, leaving an infant son in the custody of the king. Robert's son seems to have died young, and the overlordship passed to Ralph, the second son of the former Ralph. He was holding it in 1260–1, but died in 1264, when it is stated that two and a half years before he had given his lands here to his eldest son Ralph, to hold of the king in chief. No further mention of this family has been found in connexion with the overlordship of this manor, the further history of which is obscure, but by 1415 it had passed into the hands of the king, who had attached it to his honour of Wallingford.
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