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The manor of WOODHALL probably originated in the grant of 100 acres of land and 22 acres of wood in the parish of Meppershall to the abbot of Warden by Gilbert de Meppershall, confirmed by his son John in 1200. In 1244 this land was taken into the king's hand as land of his serjeanty alienated without licence, and was held by the monks of Warden from that time of the king in chief in free alms, and the abbot of Warden obtained a charter of confirmation from Henry III. In 1252 Henry III granted to the priory free warren in the woods belonging to the grange of Woodhall; this charter was confirmed by Edward I, and in 1330 the abbot made good his claim to free warren. The value of the manor amounted to £2 4s. 3d. in 1291, and it continued in the possession of the abbey of Warden to the Dissolution, and in 1535 was worth £3 6s. 8d. It was then leased for a short time to Thomas Stringer, sen., and Thomas Stringer, jun., and in 1542 was granted to Sir Henry Grey of Wrest and his wife Anne. Since this date it has remained in the possession of the Greys earls of Kent, and has followed the same descent as the manor of Wrest in Flitton, (q.v.), passing with the title to Anthony in 1639 instead of devolving on Susan Longueville. The manorial rights are at present vested in Lord Lucas and Dingwall, as representative of the de Grey family.
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