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Another third of the manor which in 1295 became the right of Beatrice, the third sister of John de Beauchamp, passed to her daughter and heir Maud Fitz Otho, who married John de Botetourt. This estate, known as the manor of WOOTTON, descended as in the case of Bromham Manor (q.v.) through the families of Latimer and Nevill of Raby; but on the death of Sir John Nevill Lord Latimer in 1577 its history becomes distinct from that of Bromham, as it was inherited by Dorothy his second daughter and co-heir, the wife of Sir Thomas Cecil, afterwards Lord Burghley and Earl of Exeter. By a fine levied in 1605 the reversion of the manor was settled on their daughter Mary wife of Edward Lord Denny of Waltham and Earl of Norwich, and on their only child Honoria and her issue. The latter married James Hay, Viscount Doncaster, Earl of Carlisle, and their son James was lord of the manor in 1638. Between this date and 1666 the manor was acquired by Sir Humphrey Monoux, bart., and descended in that family with the manor of Bosoms. On the death of Sir Philip Monoux in 1809 Wootton became the property of his second daughter and co-heir Mary, whose second husband Joseph Francis Buckworth was lord of the manor in her right in 1836. Mary died in 1850, when Wootton was inherited by Charles, her son by her first husband John, eldest illegitimate son of Sir Gillies Payne, bart. The manor continued in their descendants, and is at present vested in his great-nephew Philip.
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