What does a title mean in this day and age?

What does a title mean in this day and age?

It’s an interesting question, and one we take very seriously here at Manorial Counsel… and not just for the obvious reasons.

You see, we didn’t actually get into researching titles in the first place What does a title mean in this day and age?for the love of seeing the word ‘Lord’ in front of a name. That is thrilling, of course, but what really got the blood pumping round our veins was a love of English history and a fascination for the impact medieval decisions still have on our world today. The earls, barons, lords, and ladies of yesteryear did what they needed to do as a product of their time and their place in the hierarchy. And their actions resonate with our social and legal structure even now.

So, when we investigate a title, dig into its past and verify its status, not only are we digging into something that – once validated legally through our rigorous research – can be used by someone today, we’re bringing history into the modern world. Our modern world. Your modern world. A hitherto forgotten part of an old world that you may well feel a connection with in the here and now. And THAT is very exciting.

Investing in English history for the future of your family

Obviously, when we use the word ‘invest’ here, we’re thinking mostly about our time spent. However, when someone invests their money purchasing a title, they are investing in both the researched provenance of a real historical status and the ability to take that into the future. A Manorial Counsel title is inheritable through a will. It can be passed onto a child or other individual. It is something that can stay in a family forever onwards. And thus when you own it, you start to add to its history. There aren’t many things you can invest in that achieve that!

Connecting to a location

Through English Common law, lordships, for example, are a collection of rights over a manor, which developed the right to call yourself Lord; a manor being a collection of lands grouped into an administrative unit for tax purposes. But though the lands may no longer relate to the grouping in which they were originally collected, the legal right to call yourself the lord can still be created… if you have the correct paperwork to verify it.

Many of our customers, therefore, love the idea of continuing the good name of a lordship because of a connection they have with a particular location. Perhaps they were born there. Perhaps they live there now. Which brings us to our next point…

Furthering a family name

Names often developed through a person’s trade. The infamous one being ‘Smith’, of course. But people were also often referred to by where they lived or came from too. Toponymic names relate to either topographical features (e.g. Fielding relates to a field) or places (e.g. Ashby). And there are many families now whose surnames hark back to these early times… and very possibly titles.

A title can have significant meaning, therefore, to a family with the same name or connection to a name. They may live in the manor that existed in name a thousand years ago. They may live in a village with the same name. Or they may just coincidentally have the same surname. Through our unique search facility, many of our clients have connected with a title for one of these reasons, and greatly value the rare nature of the opportunity they’ve spotted.

A touch of honour to your status

It’s true, though, that regardless of all that, some of our clients are simply keen to benefit from having a title because it adds noteworthy status to their name. But the people we’ve worked with who are endeavouring to enjoy this, are actually seeking to do so through a knowledgeable appreciation of what a title denotes; wealth, success, social connections, longevity, AND a strong sense of the impact history has on life today. Let’s face it, it becomes a wonderful talking point. And though it can certainly open doors at times, it does so with honourable aplomb; particularly when someone sees it on your bank card!

And so, in answer the title question, we’d say that in this day and age, a title means having the opportunity to further build on history. It means having an historical connection to a place that has importance to an individual or family. And it means investing in something for your family that will continue long after the original purchaser has donned its mantle and passed on. It can be a gift to yourself, your partner, your family, or somebody else you care about. But ultimately, a title is a gift to posterity… and those who bear one are worthy stepping stones for its celebration and continuance.