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The Domesday Survey mentions a second manor in Barford, consisting of 3 hides, which at the time of the Confessor had belonged to Ulmar of Eaton, but in 1086 was held in chief by Osbern son of Walter. These 3 hides, as did other lands formerly held by Ulmar of Eaton in Bedfordshire, became part of the barony of Eaton, and were granted in 1120 to one of the house of Beauchamp. In 1194 Hugh de Beauchamp claimed the homage of the holder of this land, and again in 1284 the same 3 hides were held of Ralph Beauchamp of Eaton. One further reference has been found to the overlordship, when in 1396 Eleanor wife of Reginald de Grey of Ruthyn held a manor in Barford of Thomas Dale.
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