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A fifth manor existed in Henlow, which by the fourteenth century had disappeared. Its origin is obscure, but when first found in the beginning of the thirteenth century it belonged to Reginald de Saint Valery, who in 1227 granted all his lands in Henlow to Hubert de Burgh earl of Kent, and six years later whilst Hubert de Burgh was imprisoned in the Tower, this manor was granted by the king to Robert Passelowe and his heirs. Although in 1234 Hubert's property was restored to him, his estate in Henlow remained with Robert, who according to the Testa de Nevill held this manor of the king's honour of Bedford. in 1253 an inquisition taken at the death of Richard de Dover, who had occupied the manor by grant of William de Passelowe, states that it 'ought to revert to the king as it is said,' but when the matter was inquired into by a quo warranto his son John made good his claims to the manor by descent from Alice, daughter of William de Passelowe. In 1276 John de Wadhull recognized the right of John de Dover to a messuage, a carucate of land and 4s. rent in Henlow. John de Dover, probably a son, held Henlow in 1316, and some years later it is stated in an inquisition taken on his death that he held nothing of the king in Henlow, but certain tenements of Katharine, wife of William Giffard. His brother Philip was his heir at that time, but no further trace has been found of this manor.
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