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In 1286 the master of the Knights Templars held 1 virgate of land in Maulden, and at the same time he claimed to have view of frankpledge from his tenants there. This land afterwards passed to the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, who in 1330 claimed views of frankpledge in Maulden, (fn. 49) and at the Dissolution was granted to Sir Richard Longe. In the middle of the 13th century the abbey of Warden obtained various small grants of lands in Maulden. These lands were held by the abbey until the Dissolution, when they passed to the Crown. Some time previous to 1566 this estate was granted to William Faldo, whose family had held lands in Maulden early in the 16th century. William Faldo died in 1566 and his estate descended to his son Richard, who at his death in 1576 left a son Robert, then aged about ten years. The latter in 1589 obtained livery of the estate, which was afterwards sold in accordance with the instructions of his father's will. It passed into the possession of Michael Grigg, who died in 1624 and was succeeded by his son another Michael, but after this date the history of the capital messuage is obscure.
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