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Robert son of Nigel held Pabenham Manor of Rannulf in 1086, and from him it passed at some time before the 13th century to the d'Abernon family, who came from Surrey, where their name is perpetuated in Stoke d'Abernon. The first mention found of them in connexion with Pavenham is in the Testa de Nevill, when the Templars held a knight's fee here in custody for the heirs of Gilbert d'Abernon, who died in 1236. John d'Abernon son of Gilbert received a charter of free warren in his demesne lands of Pavenham in 1253, 'provided the lands were not within the king's forest.' By 1278–9 John had been succeeded by a son John d'Abernon, who at that date held the manor, consisting of a carucate of land in demesne, a free fishery in the Ouse and rents of free tenants. He died in 1327, and his son John d'Abernon in 1331 claimed certain manorial privileges as having been granted to his grandfather by Henry III. In 1334–5 John d'Abernon transferred Pavenham Manor by fine to trustees, and in 1346 Adam de Swinburn held the quarter fee which represented this manor, apparently as trustee. William d'Abernon, son of John, had one daughter Elizabeth, who married William Croyser, and in 1353–4 her father made a settlement of Pavenham Manor on her and her husband. William Croyser died some time before 1368–9, and his widow, subsequently married to John Grey, held Pavenham during her lifetime. It then passed to William Croyser her son by her first marriage, whose daughter Anne wife of Richard Tyrrell brought a successful claim against John Grey as to her right to the manor. John Tyrrell, probably a son of Anne, held one-fourth of a fee in Pavenham in 1428, and this property remained in the same family for upwards of 200 years. In 1630–1 George Tuke and other trustees conveyed Pavenham Manor by fine to William Tyrrell and Dorothy his wife, who in 1635–6 alienated it to William Alston. It thus became united to Pavenham Manor (q.v.), with which its descent is henceforward identical.
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