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Early in the 12th century the estate may have passed to Robert de Sifrewast, whose son William was a Berkshire landholder in 1160. William was succeeded before 1186 by Halnoth de Sifrewast, who may have been his son. Halnoth was still living in 1212, but died before 1217, in which year his son and heir William did homage and received seisin of his lands on payment of a relief of 100s. William de Sifrewast was succeeded by his son Nicholas, whose heir, another William, in 1302 enfeoffed Henry Buskre of Malines and Cecily his wife, whose descendants held the manor for more than 120 years. Henry 'Malyns' died about 1324. Cecily survived him and was seised of the estate until her death in 1331; her heir was her son Edmund Malyns, then said to be thirty years old, though his age had been stated at twenty-eight and more in the inquest taken after his father's death. In 1339 Edmund obtained licence to grant the property to his son Reynold Malyns and to Edmund de Hampden for life. Reynold afterwards acquired also lands in Oxfordshire and became a knight. He died in 1384, leaving as his heir his son Edmund, on whose death in 1386 the manor of Purley Parva passed, for the only time during the Malyns' tenancy, to a minor. This was Edmund, the younger son of Sir Edmund Malyns, upon whom the estate had been settled for life with reversion to his father's heirs and contingent remainder to Thomas Barentyne and Joan his wife. Edmund Malyns died in 1399 and was succeeded by his elder brother Reynold. Reynold Malyns remained in possession of the manor until 1424, in which year he conveyed it to Thomas and Alice Walshe and John their son. Thomas Walshe was still holding it in 1428, but it passed before 1433 to Reynold, the son of Thomas and Joan Barentyne named in the settlement of 1386. Reynold Barentyne was succeeded before 1451 by his son Drew, who granted the manor in that year to John Norreys as security for the payment of an annual rent of 10 marks from the manor of Rofford in Chalgrove (co. Oxon.). Apparently the rent was unpaid, for John Norreys was in possession of the estate by 1462, in which year he settled it on himself and his wife Margaret. The manor remained in the Norreys family, until 1630, when it was held by Edward Wray and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Norreys, Earl of Berkshire; it passed subsequently to Anthony Lybbe, who dealt with it by fine in 1659. Richard Lybbe, probably the grandson of Anthony, was dealing with it in 1707. His daughter Isabel married Philip Powys; their son, Philip Lybbe-Powys, was vouchee in a recovery of 1759. The present owner of the estate is Mr. Reginald Cecil Lybbe Powys-Lybbe, but the manorial rights, which were exercised as late as 1790, have fallen into abeyance.
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