Lordship Title of Renhold or Hoobury or Howberry ID1245

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The portion of Ela Beauchamp which was included in the manor of Renhold until 1265 after this date forms a separate property known as HOOBURY MANOR. Ela, who married Baldwin Lord Wake, had three daughters, of whom Elizabeth wife of John de Horbury or Hoobury (whence the manor derives its distinctive name) held in Renhold in 1275–6. Her husband held here by knight service in 1284, whilst both claimed view of frankpledge here two years later. On her death in 1313 her co-heirs were John Patishull, representing her sister Ida Wake, and John Pigott, representing her sister Joan. The Patishulls appear to have received a money rent as representing their share of the manor, of which rent last mention is found in 1359–60, when William de Patishull died seised of £15 6s. 8d. rent in Renhold; it appears to have been commuted about this time, for no further reference has been found to it. Hoobury Manor passed to John Pigott and was held by his family until in 1351 John Pigott effected an exchange with Elizabeth Latimer, by which the latter secured Hoobury Manor in exchange for Cardington. Hoobury thus became attached to the larger manor in this parish and has since followed the same descent; its name and identity have both been preserved, Howbury Hall being the residence of Mr. C. H. Polhill, present lord of the manor.
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