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In the time of King Edward the Confessor the manor was held of him in alod by Edric, but in 1086 it was held by William son of Ansculf. As was the case in the adjoining manor of Yattendon, the overlordship of Stanford seems to have passed to William's daughter Beatrice, the wife of Fulk Paynel, to their son Ralph, and his son Gervaise, and then to the latter's sister Avice, who married John de Somery. Their son Roger was overlord in the 13th century and died in 1273. The overlordship of this manor (which owed suit at the court of the manor of Bradfield) descended to his son Roger, who is mentioned as holding it in 1285–6 and died seised of it in 1290. In 1292 his rights as overlord were assigned in dower to his widow Agnes, but in 1314 were held by his son John, who died seised of the overlordship of Stanford in 1322, when his heirs were his sisters Margaret wife of Sir John Sutton and Joan widow of Thomas Botetourt. The following year it was granted in dower to Lucy the widow of John de Somery, with remainder to Sir John Sutton and his wife Margaret. In due course it was inherited by their son Sir John Sutton, who with his wife Isabel sold it in 1340 to Sir Nicholas de la Beche. From that date it followed the descent of the manor of Aldworth (q.v.) till 1494, when Sir John Langford held it, after which no further mention has been found of the overlordship.
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