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Two manors are mentioned in Totternhoe at Domesday, assessed together at 25 hides. TOTTERNHOE MANOR, the principal, belonged to Walter de Wahull, and was rated at 15 hides. The overlordship is afterwards found attached to the Wahull barony, and so remained until 1235, when William de Cantlowe, acting as the king's seneschal, granted the mesne lord freedom from suit at the shire and hundred courts, and sheriff's aids for his lifetime, so converting the manor into a liberty. This act led to some confusion in the overlordship, and in 1284 the feudal assessors are found declaring that, whereas Totternhoe was formerly attached to the Wahull barony, they could not now ascertain of whom it was held. It was afterwards held of the Crown in chief by knight service. John de Eglemond, to whom feudal service was due in 1346, appears to have received a grant of the overlordship, but it has been found impossible to identify him, and the manor is henceforward held directly of the Crown.
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