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A spurious manor, called WALES MANOR, is found in Eaton during the 17th and 18th centuries. It first appears in 1618, when John and Paul Luke conveyed it by fine to Henry Lyde. He died in 1641 seised of four messuages, three cottages and lands in Wyboston, Eaton Socon and Roxton; his heir was his son Henry, aged thirty-eight and more. By 1653 Wales Manor had become the property of Anthony Cogan and Anne Posthuma his wife. She was still surviving in 1696, when together with Ann, Katherine and Sara Cogan, spinsters, and Francis Needham and Mary his wife, she made a settlement of the manor on Thomas Brooke. Six years later it had again changed hands, Thomas Drake and Elizabeth his wife, Henry Rogers and Alice his wife, and Samuel Scott and Elizabeth then conveying to Allan Reynardson. It appears in 1728 as the property of John Godfrey and Mary his wife, who may have been the daughter of Allan Reynardson. In 1769 she, then a widow, William Theed and Elizabeth his wife held the manor, which was retained by the Theed family till the close of the century, last mention of it being found in 1796, when William and Henry Theed suffered a recovery of Wales Manor.
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